Alliance Cooperative Society was conceived in February 2018 in Qatar. The initial name was Nigerians Alliance because there was a need for Nigerians living in Qatar to have a platform where they could discuss ideas and seek practical ways to implement them.

Victor Ayegba and Humphrey Chukwu initiated ACS after which members were meticulously selected.  The founding fathers held the maiden meeting of ACS at Burger King in the city of Doha on 9th March 2018. At first, the initial plan was to establish a school with a British curriculum in Qatar, however, that idea has been put on hold in the interim.

Registered under CAP NO 98 of the Nigerian Cooperative Societies ACT/2004, Alliance Cooperative Society formally commenced operations in 2020. It was registered by the Registrar of Cooperatives in Abuja, Nigeria on 20th November 2020 and the primary area of operations is the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. ACS has the view to expand to other parts of Nigeria, Africa, and the world. All activities of ACS are being coordinated through the secretariats in Nigeria and Qatar.

Alliance Cooperative Society currently has over 66 members spread across 3 continents –Asia, Europe, and Africa even as it has continued to promote wealth and welfare or members through the spirit and practice of mutual help and investments. The general management of its affairs is entrusted in the “Management Committee” (MC) which is a body of democratically elected 7-member executives. This Management committee is made up of thoroughbred professionals who have competence and trust in the management of the collective wealth of members.

Alliance Cooperative Society portfolio spans Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Real Estate.