Leveraging opportunities in ACS to own your choice continental homes in Nigeria

The cost for an Average Nigerian having a home of his or her own is prohibitively high. The United Nations expects the fastest-growing urban agglomerations across Africa to be medium-sized cities and cities with less than one million inhabitants. The unprecedented shifts in demographics will affect the demand for affordable housing, while a larger portion of the middle-class will drive demand for more mid-range properties.

Despite the fact that office, industrial, retail and residential will dominate the sector, affordable housing, agriculture, healthcare, retirement, and mixed-use properties will become significant sub-sectors in their own right.

Investment returns from real estate in Nigeria’s economy exceed those achieved in developed markets. Forecast of 20% net annual returns from investing in shopping malls, office blocks, or industrial complexes in Lagos and Abuja continue to draw in new investors.

Alliance Cooperative Society see the huge shortfalls in residential property across the country which is giving rise to opportunities for private development on a grand scale, while a lack of funding for infrastructure project provides an avenue for new private partnerships with the public sector.

ACS is positioned to assist its members to add real estate to a portfolio of diversified assets which can lower portfolio volatility and provide a higher return per unit risk. We would not only assist our members to own their homes in Nigeria but also help them invest in real estate with high returns.