Alliance Cooperative Society Ltd is built on 9 foundational anchors

Anchor 1 Charter Bye Laws

We have Bye-laws in order to self-regulate the activities of this cooperative and to control the actions of every member. The Bye-laws cover every aspect of our operations as a cooperative society, not limited to:

  • Define the main objects of the cooperative;
  • Rights of members;
  • Investment – Equity and Profit Sharing;
  • Collecting dues from members;
  • Frequency of our meetings;
  • Elective Offices & Conducting Elections;
  • Record Keeping / Financial Reporting System;
  • Amendment Procedures for the Bye-Law / Dissolution / Dispute Resolution;
  • Applicable Local Laws;
  • Admission of New Members / Requirements;
  • Auditing / When audit will be conducted / Issue audit result (by 3rd party);
  • Expansion
  • Exit Strategy.
Anchor 2 Credibility & Accountability

In order to ensure credibility and accountability, are open about our goals, we employ ethical fundraising, have a periodic reporting template, and adopt annual accountability reporting, in a bid to strengthen our procedures and systems for total transparency

Anchor 3 Establishment of a Credible Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board will be very important to our mission. They will be made up of world-class individuals, prominent professionals, businessmen/women and community leaders within Nigeria & internationally.

Anchor 4 Strategic Collaboration with other bodies such as established Estate Developers, NIEVS, etc.

In the world today, organizations have acknowledged the value of collaboration. Strategic collaborations save costs through sharing administrative expenses; expanding value propositions; improving efficiency; strengthening programs; make use of compatible skills and abilities, and improve leadership skills, attracts discounts, sharing resources, Synergy, Increased community awareness, Access to constituents and funding, overcoming obstacles, etc. We will collaborate with the best in the industry to leverage on

Anchor 5 Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Our emphasis will also be on creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Every member, regardless of his/her status, will be required to take part in our creative circles, innovation labs, and/or entrepreneurship incubators.

Our aim is to nurture the skills of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship so that our organization will not just be “one of those organizations out there”, but also, are powerhouses of ideas for change and betterment of the lives of not only the members but also of Nigerians at large.

Anchor 6 Community Engagement

This organization will work collaboratively with individuals and community groups to address issues that impact the well-being of everyone irrespective of ethnic, religious and cultural background. The strategy to actualize this is by engaging the community with credible and transparent reporting, clear feedbacks, meetings and collaborative decision making.

Anchor 7 Welfare Packages for Members

Robust welfare packages will be agreed upon for all members of this organization and will not be limited to issues like loss of job, health concerns, bereavement, wedding anniversaries, childbirth etc.

Anchor 8 Network on Social Media to Build Brand Recognition

Social media is an invaluable tool for engaging with potential customers and expanding brand recognition. It goes without saying that we can reach the ends of the earth through Social Media.

Anchor 9 Expansion

Business expansion is a challenge and invitation – to face your fears, find creative solutions and empower yourself for success. We will seek to expand the cooperative through the following way, not limited to:

  • Leverage on loans from commercial institutions
  • Be Willing to Adapt
  • Use New Technologies to Innovate
  • Remember our Vision.